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Belgrade Security Forum 2014 will traditionally begin with the Academic Event on Tuesday, September 30th.  

This year’s Academic Event with the overall topic Usable Past, Collective Memories and International Security”, will seek to understand how the past is used and misused in informing the present. More specifically, the conference will discuss how collective memories are implicated in the construction of contemporary security representations and practices.

Among over 50 applications received, the organizers of the BSF Academic Event selected nine papers to be presented at three panels of the conference. While the first panel will be focused on theorising memory/security nexus, the second and third panel will discuss implications of historicity and memorialisation for security, in the world politics and in the former Yugoslavia respectively.

Distinguished scholars, such as Dr Ayse Zarakol, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the University of Cambridge and Dr Jelena Subotić, Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Georgia State University, will present their latest works at this conference.

Furthermore, the academic event of this year’s BSF will be opened by Prof. Dr Iver Neumann, Montague Burton Professor at London School of Economics and Senior Researcher at Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, who will deliver the key-note speech. Professor Neumann will also teach a PhD seminar to a group of 10-15 PhD students during the second and third day of the BSF on the topic of qualitative research methodology. Each student will prepare and present the methodology of their research, while Prof. Neumann will facilitate the discussion and provide his feedback.

Besides the PhD seminar, this year’s academic event will be followed by the Method Café, a new type of conference session led by scholars with expertise in a range of research methods. In the Method Café they will engage with other participants in informal but focused discussions about methods that they are specialized in.

We invite you to  regularly check Agenda of the Academic event for updates.



Impressions from the Belgrade Security Forum 2013:

 “The Belgrade Security Forum is an exceptional opportunity to listen to high-level experts, academics, and practitioners in the field of European security providing valuable insights into what they know best. There are numerous occasions for discussion and networking, both in the panel sessions and during the breaks. The academic portion of the conference is highly selective, involving researchers at the cutting-edge of this important field of study. The conceptual and theoretical debate even spills over into special events for graduate students, like the innovative Methods Cafe. BSF makes every effort to ensure that participants from diverse backgrounds are brought together for a fruitful debate in a highly productive atmosphere.”


Dr. Mai'a K. Davis Cross, Senior Researcher, ARENA Centre for European Studies